Our scientific communities are formed with experienced professionals from life science, industry and healthcare sectors, vendors, research institutes, universities and government.

OpenTox Community

Starting with the EU funded project in 2008 coordinated by DC, OpenTox has now become something much bigger: It is a global community and open platform for predictive toxicology and safety assessment uniting all stakeholders from software developers, data managers, experimental scientist, risk assessors to regulators.
DC supports as one of the main driving forces this community by organizing conferences, workshops, working groups and hackathons. Barry Hardy is currently also the president of the OpenTox Association founded in 2015.

eChemInfo Community

Designed as a training and collaboration platform in the area of rational drug design, eChemInfo is bringing together experts from different backgrounds and students in a series of conferences, workshops, round table discussions and training and innovation courses organized by DC to work together on case studies.

Besides familiarizing experimental scientists with modelling and simulation tools in a hands-on and “bring your own problem” fashion, this activity has led to a number of drug design projects executed in a cooperative way e.g. the Science Against Malaria initiative.

Building Bridges

Innovations have a long and difficult route from the laboratory to the bedside. It can take years before the new approach is adopted by clinicians for healing patients, which is the goal of most translational research activities. The goal of this community is to get all the stakeholders at the same table and discuss what can be done to accelerate the process and to focus research on the other side of clinical practice and the patient needs.

We aim to establish a channel for interdisciplinary collaboration among different stakeholders in creating new opportunities to advance the safety, efficacy and impact of the emerging field of personalised medicine.

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Nano Community

DC contributes actively in building an international nano safety community. One example is the US-EU dialogue opened in the area of Nano Environmental and Health Safety (NanoEHS). The NanoEHS Communities of Research (CoR) have the goal to engage US and EU experts in active discussions, encourage joint programs of work and support activities of communities of research involving EU and US participation.

Barry Hardy (Managing Director at DC) is the co-chair of the Databases & Computational Modelling CoR. In this context DC facilitates the organisation of joint events and supports the scientific knowledge exchange by defining collaborative and online support tools: NanoEHS tool | Summit tool

DC contributes also to the EU NanoSafety Cluster working groups, engaging in activities related to databases and data standards, computational modelling, dissemination and trainings, as well as in its task force on sustainability.

KM Community

Knowledge is an asset in the information age and there is a need to manage it, which proves a tougher nut to crack than originally thought. We talk about the known methods for managing knowledge which are proven to work, one of them being community building.

Besides our community development work, we also provide the Certified Knowledge Management (CKM) course to many leading organisations, and apply the practices and methods in our coordination and implementation activities on projects.


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